Hisham Abdelwahab

Founding Partner / President

As a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Sociology and Political science, Hisham Abdelwahab has worked for various non-profit organizations as well as volunteer programs in community development and outreach targeting at risk youth and marginalized populations. Being active in marketing and volunteer work, naturally Home health was a perfect fit for his skill set. For the last five years, he has worked as a community liaison and Homecare coordinator in the region. Mr. Abdelwahab has excelled in connecting the needed services to various demographics, and making sure patients have all the resources they need between transitional care to the home environment. Working with top medical facilities, Mr. Abdelwahab has put in place services to help those with minimal resources to get all the proper care and equipment they need in arranging single patient agreements. Now as the director of Community Relations, Mr. Abdelwahab works diligently to ensure the patients quality health care at home is in total cooperation and cohesion with their primary care physician, hospitals, skilled nursing/rehab centers, and retirement communities.